Daddy, There's A Noise Outside (Hardcover)

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Braswell’s newest endeavor “Daddy, There’s a Noise Outside,” takes the complex issue of protesting and breaks the conversation down so that a 1st grader can understand. “The idea for this book came to me when my 6-year-old son asked my wife why I was in Baltimore on the day the indictments were issued on the six police officers in the Freddie Gray case,” says Braswell, to which she said to him, “Wait until your father comes home and ask him.” That explanation transformed into a 24-page children’s book focused on helping 1st-5th graders understand the nuances of protest.

The story begins when two children are awakened by noises in the middle of the night coming from outside the window of their inner-city neighborhood. Both their Dad and Mom spend the next morning explaining to them what was taking place in their community.

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